We Value

Life At
Naudain Montessori Academy

Every school works to teach a child in the best possible manner. At Naudain Montessori Academy, we believe we stand out. In addition to following the Montessori Education system, we have taken a number of steps to fine-tune our teaching methodologies. The primary focus is:

–to help the child grow in ALL aspects –

...to help the child be knowledgeable, confident and a good social being. Your child will be able to explore a new learning experience based on the Montessori Educational Method. We foster the qualities your child will need to possess such as

-independence, a sense of order, self-discipline, persistence in task completion and more-

Your child will be nurtured and learn to be creative, honest and responsible as they grow. Our goal is to teach each child to become independent, confident and socially responsible so they will become a model citizen as they progress into further education.