We Value

Life At
Naudain Montessori Academy

Every school works to teach a child in the best possible manner. At Naudain Montessori Academy, we believe we stand out. In addition to following the Montessori Education system, we have taken a number of steps to fine-tune our teaching methodologies. The primary focus is:

–to help the child grow in ALL aspects –

...to help the child be knowledgeable, confident and a good social being. Your child will be able to explore a new learning experience based on the Montessori Educational Method. We foster the qualities your child will need to possess such as

-independence, a sense of order, self-discipline, persistence in task completion and more-

Your child will be nurtured and learn to be creative, be honest and learn responsibility as they grow. Our goal is to teach each child to become independent, confident and socially responsible so they will become a model citizen as they progress into further into education.

Respect Towards Peers and Society

Our classrooms strive to teach respect and honesty towards peers as well as society.

Respect is modeled, expected and nurtured in the classroom environment. From sharing to saying please and thank you, we teach kindness and promote grace & courtesy towards everyone and everything. The children are given ample opportunities to mingle and interact with each other through various group activities.

We teach each child to be friendly and courteous, showing how to get along with classmates and teachers. With these skills, a child can become a successful adult, able to handle any situation.

At Naudain Montessori Academy, we believe it is our responsibility to help children understand the importance of approaching every living being with respect and love.

Responsibility & Honesty

From a young age, children are open to learning and developing certain skills. Responsibility is a key factor that children must learn in order to be able to mature and develop. Responsibility leads to confidence and dependability, both of which are desirable character traits to possess.

Through various activities on an individual and group level, we teach your child to be responsible. We offer gardening, music, arts, care of pets and more that require decisions to be made in a responsible manner. We apply organic situations to allow the child to make the responsible choice to gain an understanding of right and wrong.

Confidence & Persistence

Confidence is key in adulthood. Children who learn how to be confident at a young age can then continue to feel and exude confidence as an adult.

Confidence is a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment. We promote this feeling by allowing a child to gain independence and have a freedom of choice. Each child is encouraged to be independent during activity time to help promote growth and development. Children are allowed to choose their own activities for the day based on their development and lessons they've had during a certain time frame to show decision-making skills, with the teacher involved in the background. The child will learn how to feel confident in the decision-making process.

Persistence results in the making of a successful future for your child. We teach each child to feel good about decisions and continue to try with an activity they may not excel in. It is important to never give up. The outcome is not the important factor to an activity but rather the process of learning a new skill which is most important. We offer a nurturing and positive environment, allowing your child to feel comfortable in trying new things.