The suggested access route will provide the safest, most convenient route for parents and children. It also allows our parents to be safeguarded from the bus and car traffic caused by our neighboring school.

  • During carpool times, please use Kresson Road, to Birch Street, left onto Oak.
  • From there, make a right onto School Lane.
  • Please DO NOT drive between the parked cars and the cars in the carpool lane. We encourage all parents to be fair and courteous to each other by using the School Access Route.


*For all studetns other than those enrolled in the All Day/7:30-6:00 program

Arrival Times: 8:40-8:55

Dismissal Times: 12:00-12:15 & 3:00-3:15

  • Please drive to to the 2nd door in the front of the school to drop off and pick up your child.
  • Staff will be there to assist you at the times listed above.
  • If you choose to walk your child in or come in to pick your child up, park in one of the designated spots either in front of the school or in the school parking lot.
  • When picking up your child, we ask that you buckle your child before you pull away. Due to insurance reguations, we are not permitted to buckle your child into their car seat.


Please DO NOT drive between the parked cars and the cars in carpool lane. We encourage all parents to be fair and courteous to each other by using the suggested School Access Route.

  • Pull your car all the way to the end of the sidewalk in the carpool lane.
  • Parents/drivers must remain in their car during arrival time and staff will unbuckle the child and get them out of the car.
  • Conversely, Parents must get out of the car to buckle their child at dismissal.
  • If your child is experiencing difficulty separating during arrival, please pull your car forward into the parking lot for further assistance.
  • Car seats should be located on the passenger side to facilitate safe removal and placement of children.
  • All children should have a car seat. We will not release a child if there is no car seat for them.


Early Care hours are from 7:30-8:30am. Spaces are reserved for you in the parking lot. Bring your child to the ramp door, ring the doorbell and a staff member will let you in. Please take your child to his or her cubby to store their belongings and put on their slippers. Then walk them to the classroom.


After Care hours are from 3:00 to 6:00pm. When picking up your child, please ring the doorbell at the main entrance (by the office) and a staff member will let you into the school. Please wait outside the classroom or playground door and your child will be brought to you.


Forms for those, other than parents, who might pick up children are distributed and placed on a master list.

Under no circumstances, will a child be released to someone other than who has been listed on the form. The Alternate Transportation list carries over from year to year.

If there is someone who you would like added or removed, please notify the office.

If your child is leaving the school for a playdate, please send an authoriation note so that we can have him/her ready for another parent. Car seats will be placed by the carpool door.